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The CultureCloud app facilitates the creation and enhancement of personal and professional connections through a dedicated platform designed by a diverse team of tech savvy developers and business-minded engineers. We are focused on innovative solutions that evolve and expand existing communities. We partner with our customers to cultivate their community of tomorrow and derive motivation through their continued successes.

Will make conferences awesome in exchange for Reese's Cups.

Jeffery Eker

Founder And CEO

Will consult on community building for Ice Cream

Charlie Grab

Entropy Wrangler

I have a cat I snapchat too often

Samed Özdemir

Android Dev

I have a bunny named bugs, get it...

Justin Lavan

iOS Dev



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Your Digital Community Experts

Our global team of networking ambassadors are excited to share your passion. With our global team covering three continents and our core team immersed in Philadelphia’s rapidly growing technology scene, we are well positioned to unite your local, national and international communities. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your connected experience.

Global Partnerships

Serious about tech for communities. It’s what we do.

With our core team based in Philadelphia, we are proud to have team members on three continents and are proud to be a part of the growing Philadelphia technology scene. Our clients work closely with our diverse team hosting skills from dedicated developers to marketing experts.

A special thanks to our growing number of clients and partners around the world who continue to inspire and support our growth.

We made it easy with our online end to end experience, but we get that not one size fits all. Reach out if you would like custom features, our team of experts will walk through a development lifecycle from value-add assessment through development to engagement analysis afterword. Our insights are based on years of experience working with events and professional societies.

Technology always has more than one use case. At Tediferous we are proud of the CultureCloud(R) software platform we have created and are currently using the map-based platform for good working closely with our team in Pakistan to build a tool to jobs for refugees around the world.

Our founders are all engineers, excellence in process execution is our bread and butter. We’re proud of our global team that has grown to include experienced business and strategy analysts. Our development team has experience developing dozens of applications across multiple languages and Tediferous maintains a dedicated development base of iOS and Android developers at all times, around the globe allowing for competitive pricing and comprehensively crafted products. Reach out to learn more about our operating model and how we dedicate ourselves to each project and client tailored to their individual value drivers.

In high school, our founder and CEO Jeff Eker was in an AP Composition course and was asked to write an essay on the definition of one word. An entire essay on the definition of one word?! He went to his friends, family, teachers and all of them gave cool words, words with dual meanings, strange definitions, you name it. Then he asked his German friend, who at the time was learning English while he learned German. Angie (who we’re now proud to have as a part of our Tedi team) spent a long time writing on Skype and finally wrote ‘Miracle - it’s all the small things we take for granted in our hectic society that surround us every day’. All he had to do was take one step outside of the fishbowl of our society, to someone who was trying to peer in and learn from it, to understand what was valuable all around him. To this day, Jeff makes it his career passion to connect those from different culture and backgrounds. Fundamentally, our mission at Tediferous is to connect those who share similar interests so they can learn from their different experiences. All day. Every day.

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